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Site Remediation


BGI provides a highly skilled group of individuals to remediate sites that have been contaminated with hazardous and/or radioactive materials through previous operations or spill scenarios.

Our people are experienced in all phases of cleanup requirements and have extensive experience interfacing with local, state and federal regulatory agencies. Project personnel meet all applicable industry standards for both training and experience.

Specific Program Capabilities
  • Complete Program / Project Management
  • Survey and Sampling Plan Development
  • MARSSIM Survey Design
  • Characterization Surveys and Hazard Identification
  • Rapid identification of potential contaminates
  • Accurate and complete profiles of sites
  • Design and Implementation of Remedial Actions
  • Environmental Sample Processing
  • Facility Closure Requirements
  • Final Survey and Sampling Plan Development
  • Facility Release Documentation
  • Data Packages
  • Unrestricted Release Surveys
  • Regulatory Agencies Interface